Helping Restaurants
Enter the Digital Age

Start taking online orders via your own branded mobile apps, website and Facebook page and increase your sales, brand recognition and customer loyalty.


Helping Restaurants
Enter the Digital Age


Start taking online orders via your own branded mobile apps, website and Facebook page and increase your sales, brand recognition and customer loyalty.

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What it is

What is FastMenu?

Fast Menu is a multi-channel food ordering platform suitable for a wide range of businesses — from small restaurants to restaurant and coffee chains, catering and delivery companies.

With Fast Menu you get your very own custom, branded website and Facebook channels and mobile apps for iOS and Android that integrate with your established ordering system. Every channel allows you to present a full-featured ordering menu with a rich user experience with photos and dish-customization options.

Marketing tools enable you to better connect with your customers and develop your brand by defining promos and specials, creating mobile marketing campaigns and loyalty programs.


For Your Website

Integrate into your existing website or create a new one built around your Fast Menu.


For Your Facebook Page

Enable all your fans to place orders easily directly from your Facebook page


Mobile Apps

Reach your customers anywhere with apps for iOS and Android and let them place orders on the go.


Call Center

Complete your ordering system with phone orders integration.

Who is it for

We serve different client segments:

Small Restaurants with strong brands

Connect restaurant with its loyal clients. Online & Branded apps for promos and orders.

Restaurants and Coffee Chains

Online&Mobile ordering for chains. Clients can send and pick up orders in every location of your chain.

Catering Business

Catering Module designed to service and scale the catering channel.Planning of orders and kitchen production.

Delivery Companies

Our Ordering and Delivery system works perfectly for big delivery companies. IT architecture with branches offering many food brands, different delivery zones and fees.


Why Choose FastMenu

More Revenue

Maximize each location’s potential and use your kitchen potential to its fullest. Better turnaround of dishes allows you to avoid unsold dishes. Optimize labor cost and lower cost per order.

More ordering channels

Increase ordering time with more channels and availability of digital menu. Run efficiently in all channels promotions, early booking, pre-ordering or happy hours.

More Sales

Build sales network of branches and sales points having integrated ordering system. Increase your online sales for takeout, delivery and catering.

Grow the business

Run more efficiently a restaurant chain, delivery business or catering with integration, standards and complete transparency of data across entire business.

Constant flow of ordering

Manage ups & downs, decrease missed orders by enabling pre-ordering functions, take away and more organised orders.

Invest in your own brand

Connect restaurant brand directly with more qualified leads as clients and run effectively a brand engagement loyalty solution.


E-commerce Module

Setting up promotions in all e-commerce channels. Automated calculation and communication of available promotions for Delivery & Take away. Online payment.

Digital Marketing

Digital campaigns, monitoring in real time with Google Analytics ( online and mobile). Invest in your brand and your position in the digital space.

Branded Mobile Apps

Promote your Brand and build loyal clients.Target qualified leads, send targeted push notifications and distribute deserved discounts based on real time data.

Drives foot traffic

Push notifications, target customers with custom queries based on their activity events.

Order Management

Manage all orders (delivery, take away and pre-ordering) coming from online, mobile or phone. POS integration. Sales reporting.

Content Module

Communicate all news on the first page of the ordering menu – in the web menu, Facebook or branded app.

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